Hello! My name is Will.

I'm an Instructional Designer who champions having fun, sharing knowledge, creating and using videos, and improving efficiency. 

What do I do?

I'm an Instructional Designer and Learning Consultant at heart, but I'm proficient in many areas, including: 

  • Project Management
  • Product Development 
  • Learning Consultancy
  • Creating Videos from Concept to Completion
  • Technical Writing
  • Game Design

What do I care about?

At my core, I want to give others the means to succeed and learn more effectively. And hopefully, enable them to have fun learning!

  • I bring lots of joy and energy to meetings that I am a part of
  • I build resources and tools for internal teams to complete work more effectively
  • I check in with learners and coworkers to ensure content is well-maintained 
  • I prepare systems and instructions for other team members to succeed, even if I am no longer with that company or team
  • I develop relationships with vendors and SMEs to ensure consistent communication

What have I accomplished?

I try to make a positive difference, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Click each drop-down to read more about some of my accomplishments! 


    I project managed the company-wide Salesforce Enhanced Domains update process - this involved updating over 5,000 knowledge article links, distributing instructions and information to over 1,500 employees, and collaborating with over 8 senior managers, directors, and executive team members

    Froglet Games

    Despite contributing only 10 hours a week, I lead or contribute to new hire onboarding, community outreach, website design, game design, quality assurance, project management, and more


    During periods where I was creating or editing process guide content, I often published around 30 pages of content a week. When my team was struggling with our LMS, I created a 60 page LMS Process Guide for around 200 training team members to use.


    Initially hired to update legacy documentation to modern DITA XML Standards, I used my interest and proficiency in video production and editing to add another project to my 3 month internship; I worked with 5 times to create over 50 globally-relevant workflow tutorial videos for 4 different pieces of software.

    How to reach me:

    I will respond within 48 hours, no matter the day. Ask me anything! 

    Email: willbogen@gmail.com

    LinkedInWill Bogen

    Phone: 734-660-2844